The Best Method To Wash Clothes While Traveling Might Be This Pocket-Sized Device

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This might be the best method to wash clothes in a hotel room.

What do your nail clippers, earring backs, travel clothes, grooming devices, jewelry, produce and baby products have in common? Turns out, they can all be cleaned using ultrasonic vibration in a bowl of water. Confused? We’ll explain.

The Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner uses ultrasonic sound wave technology to clean everyday items in just a bowl of water or a sink. It device works at a microscopic level for a 99.9% deep clean in minutes and is gentle enough to use on delicate clothing like silk, cashmere and lingerie.

The 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second get rid of billions of pesticides, bacteria (including, real talk, fecal bacteria) and contaminants that may be lurking on your clothing, food, baby products, personal care tools and any other products you want to clean and sanitize, whether you’re on the go or they’re just hard to clean.

To use the Sonic Soak, simply place the device in a sink or bowl of water, add your dirty items, set the timer and press start. Let this handy device do all the work of cleaning for you while you watch Netflix or tend to more important things. If you’re traveling and need an efficient way to wash your clothes in a hotel room, the Sonic Soak is the size of a smartphone, so it easily stores in your carry on. It uses 40 times less water and 15 times less energy than a standard washing machine, and is whisper-quiet.

The Sonic Soak startup has taken the world by storm, with more than $3 million raised on Indiegogo. Usually priced at $250, it’s been discounted by 45% and is available for a limited time for only $135.99. Let the Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner be the newest practical addition to your home, packing list or road trip kit.

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Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner – $135.99

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