PEN Klub restaurant Ljubljana, chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar

PEN Klub restaurant Ljubljana, chef Mojmir Marko

Week of restaurants was here again. Most good slots were taken, so I took those during working hours for lunch break. Today I went to PEN Klub, chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar. This is place with history, from residence of political figuers in socialist Yugoslavia, to writers society and restaurant owned by Kaval group.

I walked from office and was late few minutes. I had 3 course meal. We opened with Hors d’oeuvre was someting I didn’t like so they changed it to humus and homemade bread.

pozdrav iz kuhinjepozdrav iz kuhinje

Next was – Calf on pasture: Veal tongue with topinambur cream, pickled topinambur, pumpkin mayonnaise, spruce oil powder and wild herbs

Beef tounge - PENBeef tounge – PEN

Then they served Flying polenta – Fried chicken thigh stuffed with goose liver, parsnip cream, balsamic vinegar gel, fennel oil, dark chicken sauce with beer

Chicken - PENChicken – PEN

I finished with Beef soup: Mousse of white chocolate and kohlrabi, carrot gel, sponge cake, celery chips, burnt onion, candied beef, caramel beef soup

PEN Klub restaurant Ljubljana, chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar 1

Beside I was served bread and sparkling water. All courses on menu are traditional food presented in new way. I paid 35.5 € (menu 30 €, water 5.5 €). Nice lunch break, not for every day.

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