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Although it’s tempting to book a spontaneous trip to that Instagram-worthy locale on your bucket list, chances are you’ll come back from those top travel destinations with your pockets empty –  or worse, trapped in debt.

That’s why GOBankingRates put together a list of 20 hot destinations that you can visit for less than $100 per day.

These cheap vacation spots boast inexpensive hotels, food and local transportation, along with all the sightseeing and experiences you could want. Vacationing on a budget is easy if you’re in the know about the best cheap places to travel this year.

We’ve broken them down by region and how much you can get by on per day:

North America

Cancun, Mexico ($54.53 per day)

Las Vegas ($89.67 per day)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ($87 per day)

Pensacola, Florida ($89.33 per day)

Central and South America

Panama City ($92 per day)

Buenos Aires, Argentina ($52.11 per day)

São Paulo ($63.47 per day)

Europe and Great Britain

Athens ($76.38 per day)

Lisbon, Portugal ($78.95 per day)

Liverpool, England ($88.49 per day)

Madrid ($87.42 per day)

Naples, Italy ($78.35 per day)

Prague ($59.53 per day)


Johannesburg ($52.67 per day)

Arabian Peninsula

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ($80.16 per day)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates ($70.17 per day)


Bali, Indonesia ($23.37 per day)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ($25.21 per day)

Shanghai ($50.41 per day)

Singapore ($87.47 per day)

Pricing is accurate as of March 19, 2019, and is subject to change.

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