10 Best Breweries in Wisconsin Dells

10 Best Breweries in Wisconsin Dells

Don’t miss the best breweries in Wisconsin Dells for a fantastic craft beer journey!

Wisconsin Dells is famous for its waterparks, nearby waterfalls, picturesque river, and active downtown nightlight scene.

But did you know the city is also famous for being a beer destination?

Yup, every time I do things to do in Wisconsin Dells, I never fail to visit at least several breweries during my stay.

Many people have asked me how to get the best beer brewing experiences in the city, so I’ve compiled a list of the best breweries in Wisconsin Dells.

Whether you want a laid-back afternoon, a crazy nightlife scene, or a pour-your-own-beer experience, a brewery on this list has you covered!

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Overview: Top 3 Breweries in Wisconsin Dells

  • Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
  • Showboat Saloon & Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.
  • Dells Distillery

1. Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co. a group of people sitting around a table with pizza and beer in one of the top breweries in Wisconsin

Let’s start this list strong with one of the largest breweries in Wisconsin Dells: Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co..

Out of all the breweries we visited in the city, this brewpub left the strongest impression.

Apart from being three stories tall and having a restaurant vibe, this brewery’s concept (and name) was derived from the rich history of Moosejaw City in Canada.

So, interestingly, there were lots of Canadian-inspired decor! 

“Good” is an understatement when describing the food and drinks of this brewpub. 

Their piping-hot pizzas, made from scratch daily, are a must eat in Wisconsin Dells! Extra points for their eat-all-you-can buffet, which kids loved as well. 

As a brewery, their 12 microbrews on tap were also on point. 

We ordered the beer sampler, which served all 12 beers in 5oz sample glasses, before ordering a couple of them in glasses. 

Whenever I see beer, I still daydream of the strawberry lemon ale from Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co. 

Heads up– this brewery is close to some of the best Airbnbs in Wisconsin Dells, including the Cool Lakefront Condo. 

2. Bevy Brewery & Winery

a close up of beer taps

Next up is Wisconsin’s Dells’ only brewery and winery in one. 

This brewery didn’t make a lot of noise online and was off the beaten path, so I entered it with little to no expectations. 

Little did I know that this interestingly green-colored brewery would give me the most fun brewing experience in the Dells! 

See, Bevy Brewery & Winery is a pour-your-own bar, paid by the ounce. 

You can pour as much or as little of whichever drink you want. Sips and full glasses are all welcome! 

Oh, and did I mention that this brewery makes everything themselves? Not just beers and wines but also non-alcoholic drinks like ciders and meads. 

As of writing, the brewery is only open on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to enjoy live music and beverages, visit during the latter.

Fun fact: Bevy Brewery & Winery is in the former building of the now-closed Port Huron Brewery Wisconsin Dells.

The newer brewery paid tribute to the previous pub by offering the classic Port Huron Honey Blonde on tap. A must-try drink! 

3. Showboat Saloon & Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.

Crowd in front of stage waving their hands to music during a music festival

When we asked locals downtown what the best bars in Wisconsin Dells are, most pointed us to the Showboat Saloon. 

The locals’ recommendations never disappoint. 

Showboat Saloon is a partygoer’s paradise—a gem for music enthusiasts who love unforgettable night-outs brimming with good cocktails, beer, and food. 

We spent the night here with bright neon lights and nonstop trendy music. When the clock hit 9 pm, a band even performed live! 

Showboat Saloon offers over 24 revolving taps (there is no permanent beer menu), so visiting this brewery is always a pleasant surprise! 

It’s conveniently located across the street from the iconic Riverwalk, too. Hence, it was only a half-hour’s walk away from our accommodation, Mt. Olympus Parks, one of the best indoor water parks in Wisconsin.

4. Brewster’s Lanes & Banquet Center a group of friends having a beer at a bowling alley

Drive twenty minutes from the Dells, and you’ll find yourself in Brewster’s Lanes & Banquet Center, one of the most popular breweries in Wisconsin. 

But it’s not just a brewery. 

It’s also a bowling center, entertainment hub, dining spot, sports streaming venue, and fun zone all in one place! 

Grab your favorite beer from one corner, order a classic pepperoni pizza from another, play bowling, watch your favorite sports, or hit the arcade! 

Brewster’s Lanes is your best bet if you want a more chill yet fun hangout rather than a “wild” one. 

I didn’t quite get a close look at their beer selection. 

However, the craft beer the waiter recommended matched extremely well with the Hangover Burger I ordered. 

I recommend this spot. It felt very nostalgic to play pool and darts after so long. 

5. Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill

close up shot of two beers being clinked together by two hands with people in the background

When we stayed several weeks in Wisconsin Dells, this bar quickly became our go-to stop for enjoying sports events and local entertainment. 

The first notable aspect of the Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill is its ever-so-famous $45 “Monster Bloody Mary.” 

It’s a menu item with a pitcher of your chosen beverage, a bouquet of appetizers, such as corn dogs, sandwiches, beef sticks, and three very refreshing beer chasers. 

That’s the tip of this Wisconsin Dells brewing company’s goodness. 

The bar’s atmosphere itself was very welcoming. There were many more fantastic menu items (order their banger prime ribs). 

Plus, it hosted performances of locals at least once a week. Both indoors and on the outdoor patio. 

Visiting this bar easily became among my favorite things to do in Wisconsin Dells in March. Surely, you’ll feel the same. 

6. River’s Edge Pub & Grub

close up of two hands holding beer mugs and about to clink them together

The River’s Edge Pub & Grub is a renowned cabin-style pub popular for its large portions of hearty meals. 

It’s located just minutes’ walk from the edge of Wisconsin’s River, making it a perfect lunch or dinner stop after enjoying the river’s beauty or the establishments near it. 

Besides its unique tree trunk with lights in the middle of the bar, I loved this brewery’s shrimp special (most of us ordered this) and walleye. 

You won’t be disappointed with the selection of beer, either. However, I have to say that it’s not as extensive as others on this list. 

The River’s Edge Pub & Grub is one of the best breweries in the city. I also give it bonus points for being minutes of drive away from some of the best cheap cabins in Wisconsin Dells

7. Dells Distillery

Group of four arms holding beer pints and bottles cheersing

Dells Distillery is a brewery operating in Downtown Dells since 2013.

At first glance, this bar’s storefront doesn’t look too different from the bakeries and cheese shops beside it.

But step one foot inside, and you’ll be welcomed by a 1920s Western-themed distillery with a stellar selection of beers, rum, gin, bourbon brandy, and whiskey! 

Of course, good liquor needs good food, so you’ll also find some of the best tots, sandwiches, and roasted beef in town on the menu. 

Never leave this distillery without tasting their tots, as you’ll miss half of the fun! Dells Distillery offers tons of alcoholic beverages except for wine.

But it’s just 10 minutes by cab away from Prairie Hawk Winery Wisconsin Dells if you ever decide you need more of a wine day instead of a beer one. 

8. Monk’s Bar & Grill a glass of beer and a hamburger which is blurry on a wooden table

Dubbed by many as Wisconsin’s first craft burger bar, Monk’s Bar & Grill is the home to the best burger in Wisconsin Dells. 

It’s been operating very successfully for over 70 years, and its popularity seems to have never dropped since. 

When seated in the table areas, Monk’s Bar & Grill’s vibe is similar to that of a family-friendly restaurant.

But step closer to the bar, and you’ll feel like you’re in the hottest brewery in town. 

One of the best things to do in Wisconsin Dells in February is visit this bar during the Super Bowl.

I enjoyed the good selection of beers on tap (though they didn’t offer flights yet when I visited), the food, and the company of locals.

If you want to stay at an accommodation near this brewery, I highly recommend staying at the Wilderness Resort, one of the best waterparks in Wisconsin Dells

9. High Rock Cafe & Showboat Saloon meal of sausages and potatoes with foamy beer

Being founded by chefs who travelled all over the US to find the most mouth-watering recipes, High Rock Cafe & Showboat Saloon is best known for its cuisine and cafe-centered intererior design.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice this saloon is also a hidden gem for craft beer selections and cocktails. Maybe even some of the best in the city.

When I visited, the menu included over ten cocktails and nearly the same number of beers, so don’t worry if the site states otherwise.

Can’t remember the name of the beer exactly, but I partnered one of the saloon’s beers with their stuffed mushrooms and pork potstickers, and I’d honestly order the same combination if I ever visit this brewery. 

Many refer to this place as a cafe, but I’ll always call it a brewery, as it’s, in fact, one of the best breweries in Wisconsin Dells.

Pro tip: Sit on the second floor by the windows. The views fit the Dells’ vibes very well. You might even see a performer on the street if you’re lucky! 

10. Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen different types of beer placed on a little tray container and a vase with flowers on the tableImage from Pixabay

Technically, Tumbled Rock Brewery is not in Wisconsin..

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