9 Places You Can Look for Travel Inspiration

Researching potential destinations before setting out on your next holiday can significantly enhance your travel experience and make it something more out of the ordinary. Make an effort to curate a list of potential destinations that align with your interests, budget, and expectations, and you may find yourself being more purposeful about your travel plans in the way you always needed to be. Read along for some sources of travel inspiration that can help you decide on the perfect destination and itinerary for your next holiday: 1) Social Media Platforms Social media platforms are a treasure trove of travel inspiration, and each may offer a different visual feast of beautiful destinations and unique experiences. Instagram, in particular, is a powerful tool for discovering new places. I love searching specific geotag locations of different areas in the cities I’m visiting to get a feel for it and to find cute coffee shops, fun restaurants, things to see, etc. The ‘Save’ feature is super helpful in organizing different places in location specific folders. YouTube, meanwhile, offers a more immersive experience through travel vlogs and travel shows. Here, you can get a more in depth glimpse into the daily life and attractions of […]

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